Rinch moment !!


Rinch moment !!


Original photo jasonknowlton


Original photo jasonknowlton


- After the attacks, the government gave itself the power to read every email, listen to every cell phone, but they needed something that could sort through it all, something that could pick the terrorists out of the general population before they could act. The public wanted to be protected. They just didn’t want to know how they were being protected. So when they finally got a system that worked, they kept it secret.

- So how do you know about it?

- I built it.

The revelation seemingly surprises Reese, and for good reasons. The first one is on the surface: Finch is not a bored rich guy even more special than he initially suspected (I dare say it’s just a beginning; Ghosts, Mission Creep and Number Crunch show him that there is still much more in Finch than that). As to the second one, a shocking discovery: too well-informed Finch believes that Reese is not a monster, but a decent human being, even though Reese is not so sure himself. Not only ‘I think all you ever wanted to do was protect people' is his honest opinion on Reese, Finch also believes that Reese is so decent, trustworthy and loyal that he willingly trusts him with his own life (Many people would be tempted to just sell him out). I would say the second one surprizes him more.



John remembers nothing but him. His voice, his face, him only. In his most solitude nights, it is his memories that keep him going. He keeps John from  absolutely giving up. From all of their memories John’s favorite is, Rome memory. Rome changed things for him, for them.

(“Ishq Ne Kamle Jhalay” means, that, ‘love has turned one absolutely crazy’. It describes a person who forgets everything, including himself except his beloved.)


POI Rinch Art Rec 


Artist: 极品松茸

What do you have under your coat?

pic 01:

- Reese: I have gun

- The guy: (surrender)

pic 02:

- Finch: I have braces

- Reese: (piu~ Cupid got him)

Inspired by this photo on FaceBook.

Sorry I don’t know whether that straps should be called “brace” or something, pls forgive my English.

The artist is my friend, she doesn’t have Tumblr ID so I’m posting on her behalf with permission.

Comments are always welcome, I’ll pass to her

Thank you~                       

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Happy ending after all. WELCOME HOME JOHN

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