John remembers nothing but him. His voice, his face, him only. In his most solitude nights, it is his memories that keep him going. He keeps John from  absolutely giving up. From all of their memories John’s favorite is, Rome memory. Rome changed things for him, for them.

(“Ishq Ne Kamle Jhalay” means, that, ‘love has turned one absolutely crazy’. It describes a person who forgets everything, including himself except his beloved.)


POI Rinch Art Rec 


Artist: 极品松茸

What do you have under your coat?

pic 01:

- Reese: I have gun

- The guy: (surrender)

pic 02:

- Finch: I have braces

- Reese: (piu~ Cupid got him)

Inspired by this photo on FaceBook.

Sorry I don’t know whether that straps should be called “brace” or something, pls forgive my English.

The artist is my friend, she doesn’t have Tumblr ID so I’m posting on her behalf with permission.

Comments are always welcome, I’ll pass to her

Thank you~                       

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Happy ending after all. WELCOME HOME JOHN


When we were rewatching Booked Solid my friend told me that Reese was acting really strange. He might be if we consider his behaviour in the episode out of context. But if we take into account some previous (and future) episodes, we may conclude that it is not the case. To my mind, the events of Dead Reckoning and related episodes made the boys even more protective of each other. Harold always feeling guilty and ashamed for his inability to help John when it’s important (Flesh and Blood) now tries to assist John as much as possible*, while Reese afraid of losing Harold (or getting Harold hurt) tries to keep Harold as far from field work as possible. As a result, Finch seems to be happy as this time he can help Reese more, while John is very unhappy whith Harold risking his life and going undercover. But since he treasures Harold too much to make Finch’s life miserable because of this, he tries not show it**. Interestingly, Harold seems to understand it and try to comfort John by sharing something of himself with Reese (his fascination with hotels), while Reese lets him know that he understands and appreciate it (You sharing anything personal is peculiar). So, he tries to act as usual with Harold. Notice how he teases Finch slightly (Would that be Mr. Wren from Universal Heritage Insurance?) to make Harold feel better (Harold smiles!). And how he tells Zoe that Harold bought the entire hotel (My Harold is absolutely the best!), like he wants to remind ‘The World’ how special Harold is***. Those are truly heartwarming moments and similar moments we saw before (Risk, Musquerade, etc). What might be seen as different this time is that Reese worries**** about Finch probably more than usual and he is extra protective of him. He immediately despises the manager for being rude to Harold, he comes to check on Harold several times to make sure Finch is safe (there is other ways to communicate, it isn’t necessary for him to come to Harold so often), he knocks down the manager afterwards. Therefore, I don’t really think that there is something strange about him or Finch in this episode. Booked Solid just shows how much everything that happened has affected them both.        


* Given how much he usually worries when something happens to Reese (Number Crunch, Matsya Nyaya, Triggerman, Nothing To Hide, etc), it’s not entirely unreasonable to assume that he would want to be there if another ‘Riley’ decides to shoot John. Proteus and All In show that he will keep doing it. He already lost Nathan; he doesn’t want to lose John as well.

** You immediately feel that something is not right, but can’t say what exactly is not right. For instance, when Reese teases Finch (I feel like I should be taking notes) as he often does (Legacy, Til Death, Death Benefit, etc, etc, etc), it sounds slightly different. It’s like he’s too worried about Finch’s safety and just can’t hide it completely (knowing that sometimes Harold’s involvement is inevitable and needed doesn’t help him much this time).

*** This is very thoughtful of him since the idiots from Shadow Box were too stupid to even realize how much Harold did help them and Logan Pierce was purposely ungrateful to Finch. To Reese, Harold should be getting much more gratitude than he is actually given. So, John often tries to improve this unfortunate situation.

**** I can’t say his worries are entirely unreasonable. The episode shows that although the case itself may not be particularly dangerous to Harold, there is always a possibility that something or someone else may put him in danger (Hersh was looking for Reese’s employer).          

Rewatching All In


Now I think you owe Harold some answers' Reese to Lou. It looks like Reese implies that Lou has to apologize and say Thank You. Lou wasn’t really rude, but causing Harold any troubles seems to be unacceptable as well. 

Rinch and a bow-tie


This may not be very interesting to the general audience as it’s written mostly for Rinchers. But those who don’t have any troubles with Rinch may read it as well or just enjoy some gifs.


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